Facts about Male Enhancement Techniques for Better Sexual Performance

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Even with all the scientific experts of generations new and old stating that the size of a man’s penis doesn’t really matter when it comes to providing pleasure to their partners, men still don’t believe it one bit.  To some, having a bigger penis can satisfy their lovers a lot better.  Others would also want to be pleased with themselves, knowing that their manhood is sizable enough, which can be a boost in their self-esteem.  They would also wish to create and maintain an erection much longer in order to enjoy every minute of their sexual activities.  Because of this, they would seek out some male enhancement techniques that can help them enlarge their penises even further.  There are several natural methods which prove to be a lot more effective than artificial means, so to speak.  Sometimes, using pills or even injections can prove lethal, especially when side effects take a turn for the worse.  Granted, not everyone in the world has the same reaction to these treatments, and it would still prove a lot better to utilize something more natural instead.

·          Natural methods of enhancement include penile exercises.  These, combined with the use of natural supplements, can result in a much better outcome, and may even prove quicker.  One would certainly see a significant boost in the size of his penis, the ability to hold erections for a much longer period of time, better performance in sexual activities and risk-free results.

·          Natural enhancement techniques are performed in order to increase and improve the circulation of blood to and from the genitalia.  Organic supplements, natural product-based pills and exercises can improve blood flow tremendously.  These exercises can even boost the size of the penis, and can redirect blood flow in the corpora cavernosa, where all the blood is pumped into, thus turning a flaccid penis erect when aroused.  Penile exercises also help to re-train the tissues in the penile cavern, which can then help it grow a lot bigger when erect.

·          With improved flow and circulation of blood in the penis, exercises and supplements make it possible for a man to have a much harder and stiffer erection.  They can use additional natural supplements that will help maintain their erections a lot longer so that they are able to experience utmost sexual satisfaction.  Compared to the men who don’t exercise their penises, they will be far more satisfied with their sexual performance.  Apart from that, the stamina that a man has is also boosted, allowing him to last way longer when engaged in sex with their partners.  Not only will this please him, but also his partner, thus having a healthy sex life.  Supplements which are infused with natural ingredients are also safe to use, which means there is no risk of experiencing side effects which can damage one’s sexual abilities.

These are just some facts regarding the use of male enhancement exercises and supplements.  With the proper research on these techniques, one can simply implement them and see effective results in no time.

Male Testosterone: How to Get Pumped without Injections

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The male testosterone is naturally occurring hormone that is a dominant factor in giving men masculine or definite characteristics that make them male. It not only dictates appearance, but is also a deciding factor in how big your muscles are, how much hair you have and how your metabolism bounces back into place.

Unfortunately, while testosterone is a wonderful hormone to have, it is perhaps one of the more abused “drugs” in the realm of sports and bodybuilding. Injecting vast amounts of testosterone in your system can give you the edge in terms of gaining muscle mass as well as tolerance for rough exercise routines; but it’s side-effects have been so profoundly uneven that it garnered a status as an illegal substance save for medical use only. Documented cases of aggression, shrunk testicles and after-effects are reason enough to stay away; but it is seems not to dissuade those who still use it.

A Delicate Balance

Our bodies are controlled by chemical processes and these chemical processes are delicately managed and calculated by certain organs such as the endocrine gland. Testosterone is essentially a messenger; it decides how big the muscles should be and how well your body develops to this change. When an anabolic steroid is injected into your bloodstream, it creates a surge that must be continuously refilled in order to boost your body’s bodily development; lose that injected supply however and you’ll end up with sagged muscles or stunted growth. This is why injectible steroids are only functional with proper maintenance in contrast to naturally occurring testosterone that will gradually go down or up depending on your exercise routine.

Injectible steroids bypass the body’s natural supply by punching in larger numbers of steroids into your system instead of allowing your body to produce its own. This is why the side-effects are pronounced. Of course, there is a way to increase your testosterone levels without having to go through the needle to do so.

Supplements and Exercise

Nutrients are the building blocks of your body; giving the right nutrients to the right chemical processes and it can help increase and improve their performance. This works equally well for increasing testosterone. However, supplements are best taken together with exercise and dieting in order to inhibit the growth in your body.

Just to give you a more accurate illustration of how this is so is simple: think of your body as an evolving engine. It needs nutrients from protein and carbohydrates in order to sustain itself, but it also requires exercise and proper supplementation in order to grow bigger, faster and stronger. Exercise inhibits growth; when your muscles improve, your endocrine gland will signal your hormones to bulk it up.

Proper dieting is also a tremendous boost to your system. The less fat or harmful ingredients on your dish, the better it is for your body to break it down into serviceable nutrients. Less fat also means more vitamins and minerals to give to your body and less fat to bulge around it.

Witty Answers for Witty FAQS on Andropause

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Menopause - a term associated with hormonal alterations due to aging. Is menopause only exclusive for women? There may be controversies as to the use of menopause on men; however, it is true that men experience menopause.

Male menopause is a condition which men suffer during their mid-years; much like women suffer menopause in their late forties. Here are some of the common queries about andropause. Help yourself with factual and interesting details on this condition.

What exactly is andropause?

Andropause or male menopause is a term which covers both emotional and physical changes men experience as they age. It is characterized by a drastic drop in male hormone meters. This decline can induce both physical and emotional changes in men.

What is the cause of andropause?

Male menopause is closely related to aging. When you age, your body will exhibit a decrease in production of androgens (the type of hormones needed to enhance and maintain secondary characteristics of an individual). Another cause of andropause includes hormonal changes secondary to stress, fatigue and medical illness.

When does andropause start to appear?

This condition is common in men between the ages of 40-49 (2-5%), 50-59 (6-30%), 60 – 69 (20-45%), 70-79 (34-70%) and over 80 (91%). There is an obvious increasing incidence of male menopause as men age.

What are the symptoms of andropause?

Andropause is characterized by symptoms related to a decrease pr change in the hormonal levels. These may include:

  • Decreased sexual drive
  • Decreased effective erection
  • Mood changes such as depression, anger, fatigue, loss of interest in activities and isolation
  • Decrease in muscle mass and strength
  • Decrease in bone density
  • Increase in body fat especially visceral fat

Do all these symptoms appear in men?

No. Not all listed symptoms are suffered by men in their andropause stage. Some may experience two or more, while others experience one symptom at a time. Onset also varies. Though the mechanism of andropause is general in principles, how it is manifested by male individuals is still variable.

What is the difference between male and female menopause?

Male and female menopause varies in terms of onset. Female menopause is suffered right after childbearing age. The onset is sudden, that’s why women are more likely observed to be waking up at the wrong side of the bed. As for men, the onset is insidious and subtle. That is why the symptoms are most frequently overlooked.

What can you do?

Seek professional help for diagnosis and treatment. It may be that your symptoms are associated with a different disease or it may be best to undergo special procedures. Medical consults can help you identify the type of therapies to have, and choose which of these is most convenient for you.

Menopause, male or female, is a life issue. It is a milestone both in your life and in your relationship. Deal with it better by being informed of the right facts.

Testosterone: A Brief History of Understanding the Testosterone

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There is a lot of intrigue as well as wonder when it comes to testosterone. First discovered in 1889 by Brown-Séquard; it was fashioned as a “specialized” elixir made from testicles extracted from dogs and guinea pigs. This odd mixture claimed to have livened one’s body and mind, as he touted it not only made him wiser and stronger, but also “lengthened the arc of his urine” to put it in his own words. At the time, this physiologist might have been no better as a peddling wonder-cure salesman when he was really one of the few early scientists who founded endocrinology.

It was not until 1935 that Butenandt and Ruzicka synthesized testosterone; an isolated hormone that was used as a medical drug to shrink tumors or various growths in the body.

Endocrine and Our Bodies

Our body is adaptive as it is a sensitive compilation of organs. The endocrine gland makes sure that our body’s chemical processes are balanced enough and be able to handle growths or changes to our body.

Our hormones are the endocrine gland’s messengers. The gland tells them the rate of how to develop as well as how much or how less a particular chemical balance should be; then they distribute this information to the rest of the body. This is why people who have high-levels of testosterone or estrogen tend to make rapid changes in their body.

Glucose, blood, sodium, potassium and even water needs steady regulation in our body, changes unaccounted for can spell disaster to our body that not only affects our growth, but our metabolism and reproductive capabilities as well.

Testosterone, My Old Friend

Testosterone belongs to a bracket of hormones, called androgens. These hormones are especially favored for their ability to create masculine features in men and in women as well. These hormones go as early as the embryonic stage that decides your sex with testosterone serving as the determinant whether or not the child comes out a boy.

Testosterone is not only attributed to one’s “manliness” but also the aggression that comes along with it. According to researchers, your intellectual faculties will listen to what your hormones say, like it or not. Although it may sound contradicting, this is best explained by the evolutionary process of continuing the species via the drive to have sex. Scientists have noted this distinctive drive even in animals.

Remove the testosterone in one’s system and the person becomes a docile creature without the sex drive. Inject testosterone and the sex drive, along with the aggression comes back.

Testosterone, despite being pegged as an aggression causing hormone, has saved lives and improved others; whether you’re male or female, its mere existence in your body means that it’s functioning as it should.

Again, testosterone injection use is fairly illegal, but supplement use or natural means of increasing it is not. If you want to bulk up, using vitamins and minerals to help boost the process is far safer than directly pumping your body with it.

Treatment Options for Male Menopause

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Men and women experience menopause. Yes, that was correctly written – men and women experience menopause. Male menopause is a common condition suffered by men at any age group. Normally, though, it is typically seen in men after reaching 30 years old. However, since the onset is subtle, the symptoms are overlooked and treatment isn’t sought immediately.

Numbers Say…

According to stats, about 4-5 million American men are experiencing low testosterone levels due to andropause. 38.7% of men who are 45 years old or older experience low testosterone. It was estimated that by 2025, 6.5 million American men will be experiencing andropause.

Overview of the Male Menopause

Male menopause or clinically termed as andropause is a series of physical and emotional changes which occur on men over time. This condition is typically seen in men past 30 years of age, but, may occur anytime.

Symptoms of andropause are closely related to a decline in sex hormones, thus, he might experience any or all of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Decrease in libido and/or ineffective erection
  • Depression, anger, fatigue, loss of interest in activities and isolation
  • Decrease in muscle mass and strength; decrease in bone density
  • Increase in body fat

Andropause is attributed to a decrease in testosterone levels associated with aging. This bodily process may be related to either:

a.       A decrease in production of testosterone in the testicles; or

b.       An increase in production of sex-hormone binding globulin, a protein-based compound which has high affinity to sex hormones. This decreases total testosterone levels in the body.

Consult with a Doctor – Your Medical Option

Seeking a doctor’s advice is most important if you are suspecting andropause. Medical doctors will prompt you to undergo series of laboratory and diagnostic exams to identify the cause of your condition. From there, they will start the therapy best suited for your needs.

Hormonal Replacement Therapies or Testosterone Replacement Therapies are effective interventions to treat andropause. These involve taking in of synthetic testosterone to increase testosterone levels. It is available in the market as:

  • Patches which allow a steady and slow release of testosterone.
  • Gels which are directly applied on the skin, commonly on the arms.
  • Capsules and pills which are taken twice a day, every after meal.
  • Injections are taken once every 2 -4 weeks.
  • Pellets which are implanted on your skin. This treatment lasts for about 3-4 months and changed thereafter.

Consult with Nature – Your Alternative Medicine

There are several naturally-occurring plants and herbs which you can use to alleviate andropause problems.

  • Saw Palmetto is a supported treatment to benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate).
  • Yohimbe is used to treat impotence and decrease in male libido.
  • Tribulus is used in Aruvedic and Chinese medicine to increase testosterone levels through brain stimulation.

Whether you choose the medical or alternative options, it is important that you know what works best to your convenience.